Online Marketing has proven to be a targeted approach to reaching both new and existing customers. The Internet has become a highly visible and competitive marketing resource. Online Marketing is considered to be broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing online, but also includes marketing done via email and wireless media.

It takes an expert, well trained, and diverse workforce to understand and make the best use of it. Rapid Care’s goal is to become a leader in outsourcing design and marketing service, by completely satisfying clients’ needs. Rapid Care offers a variety of services in online marketing, each fully focused on clients’ project growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Rapid Care Online Marketing services offer a range of benefits for your business including:

Enhancing business profitability
Gaining advantage over competitors
Increasing business revenue
Achieving top ranking in search results
Attaining the position as market leaders
Drawing the high traffic to your websites
SEO (Google Organic Search)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines are major factors that determine the importance and relevance of a website. Search Engine Optimization services measure, improve, and process the relevance and strength of the site in order to deal with competitors.

Good Ranking leads to Improved Sales.

Having a website is not sufficient. The website doesn't exist if you don't have any visitors to the site. Rapid Care acts as a medium to get more number of visitors to your website. We don't give you random traffic, but a targeted traffic of visitors searching for the specific services and products offered by you. Our SEO experts will use marketing tools to get direct, targeted, highest, and fastest traffic to your website.

Rapid Care follows the latest strategic tools to gain repeated and unique visitors to the website. Our team can promote and sell the products and services in a pleasing and effective way. The whole web marketing services provided by Rapid Care are done in an excellent way of getting high rankings with multiple and well-defined searches. Marketing efforts of our team of professionals assist in gaining more traffic to boost the website and its popularity. We also help you in developing and executing marketing plans in such a way as to get good return on investment.

Web Marketing Tools used at Rapid Care

Advertising through Internet
E-mail Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Site Monitoring
Research Analysis and Tracking
Mini Site Development
Website Evaluation
Banner Creation
HTML Code Service
Link Building
E-commerce Solutions
Business Management
Affiliate Marketing

Necessity – SEO

Rapid Care is a top Search Engine Optimization specialist that helps you in increasing the ranking of your website. We guarantee that any potential visitor will find your Website first and your website will be highly ranked and appropriately listed in the search engines. We guide you with innovative and effective SEO techniques.

Before we start doing SEO process, our team will do the relevant keyword research that will help you in gaining better ranking. We also provide link building to your site. Rapid Care employs innovative and ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques that not only increase the ranking but also generate more traffic, thus leading to higher conversions, in the most risk free and cost effective way.

Rapid Care employs innovative and ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques that can increase the ranking and generate more traffic with higher conversions in the most risk free and cost effective way.

Web Marketing keys used at Rapid Care

Online Video Marketing
E-mail Marketing
Internet Marketing Consulting
Page Optimization
Social Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Measuring Website Progress
Contextual/Display Advertising

You can get increased traffic, maximum possible exposure, more hits to your site, more number of visitors to your site, and increased sales by our innovative techniques.

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Mobile SEO

Rapid Care offers SEO services for mobile websites. Mobile websites will be having low contents and less information with short titles. This is a big challenge in Mobile SEO. So it should be optimized for search engines in different way in comparison with other desktop websites.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is a new process becoming popular in the domain of Internet Marketing. Driven by the drastic increase in mobile Internet users, Mobile SEO is fast gaining momentum. This new form of medium is aimed at enabling mobile device users to gain good experience in accessing your site. The primary concept is to gain popularity of the site among mobile device users across the world.

Mobile Optimization strategies employed by Rapid Care:

Mobile SEO
Keyword Research
Sitemap Implementation
Robots.txt Implementation
PPC Campaigns
Link Building
Browser compatibility
Content Optimization
Keyword Optimization
Multilingual mobile site optimization
Mobile Website design and development

SEO for Mobile Devices focuses on providing seamless and smooth user experience to users of various mobile devices while making access easy and undisrupted. Compatibility is another crucial factor to be achieved by adopting Mobile SEO process.

Advantages of Mobile SEO

Reach to customers across the globe
Keep ahead of competitors
Create brand awareness
Effective growth
Increase in Average Time
Enhanced user experience

SEM & PPC (Search Engine Marketing)

Google Adwords

SEM – is the process of Marketing a Website via Search Engines by Purchasing Paid Listings. Rapid Care is an Internet Marketing services provider and its (SEM) Search Engine Marketing is planned after making a complete analysis of your core business objectives and your internet marketing goals. A custom internet marketing strategy is then defined to derive maximum ROI. The main components of our Internet Marketing solutions are:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Internet Marketing Research Report

Performing a complete analysis of the internet market Potential for your business goals.
Conducting Analysis of key competitors
Studying the Competitors’ Internet Marketing strategy
Studying your website’s business application and User Interface to identify the loop holes

Search Engine Marketing Campaign Analysis

Visitor Source identification
Visitor Behavior Analysis
Top Entry points
Top Exit points
Most viewed pages
Time spent on the website
Visitor Drill down behavior Study
Visitor Navigation path Study
Study on Unique visitor vs. Return Visits
Geographic Viewership analysis
Keyword Optimization
Multilingual mobile site optimization
Mobile Website design and development

sem SEM involves various steps such as optimizing the site, getting the site to be indexed by major search engines, submitting the site to directories, managing PPC(Pay Per Click) campaigns, doing press release and articles, usage of blogs and RSS marketing through affiliate program, and driving web traffic via social networks.

Rapid Care helps you in getting more visitors to the website. We do this using the right combination of copywriting, SEO, and online marketing.

Our SEM Services:

SEM Research & Analysis
SEM Strategy & Planning

We focus on the areas of

Online Advertising
Online Marketing
Google AdWords

The quality and quantity of traffic leads to the success of a business. We choose the right path of marketing that suits your business and reaches the right audience.

Google Adwords Increases the visibility of the website.
Prepares the site for beneficial marketing
Makes the business more accessible
Projects Brand image
Improves Quality of traffic
Involves less expenses

SMO & SMM (Social Media Optimization & Marketing)

Many businesses are still trying to decide about social media such as Twitter and Facebook, how to encourage users to share their blog content with others. SMO includes using RSS feeds, Social news and bookmarking sites as well as blog sites and social media sites. Just similar to SEO, the goal is to drive traffic toward your websites.

Rapid Care dedicatedly works for Social Media Optimization to increase traffic to your websites by implementing new rules and new features. Rapid Care follows 4 important approaches to handle the social media optimization in an effective manner.

Content writing

Rapid Care specially provides both on-site and off-site social media optimization for effective SMO. On-site optimization refers to what we are implementing in the social media presence on your website. Off-site optimization is everything that helps with your different social media channels.

Rapid Care sticks to certain rules for Effective Social Media Optimization

Reward Helpful and precious users
Learn to attract audience
Create attractive content
Encourage Mashup
Reward inbound links
Make tagging and bookmarking easier
Help your content travel
Google Ad Words

SMM - Social Media Marketing

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. It involves establishing huge user network for sharing contents, views, thoughts, and opinions and encourages interaction for community building through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Stumbleupon, Orkut, and more.

Over the years, Rapid Care has gained expertise in providing effective Social Media Marketing service. We offer a wide range of Social Media Marketing strategies for developing rewarding communication among sellers and buyers.

Rapid Care SMM service methodology:

Frequent analysis of social media trends
Monitoring traffic and number of visitors
Implementing new methods
Accomplishing advanced techniques for better response
Using latest Social Marketing Tools
Running insightful SMM audit

With Internet penetration, various businesses are intelligently adopting social media as a main stream tool for enhancing brand recognition and spreading awareness about their existence. The effectiveness of social media helps improve relationship with customers. SMM boosts the website’s visibility and increases the likelihood of higher conversion rates.

Advantages of SMM

It increases traffic to you site.
It creates a buzz of events.
It builds community.
It increases your sales.

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