Role of Efficient Cardiology Billing in the Health Care Industry

ByDhana Prabhu

Role of Efficient Cardiology Billing in the Health Care Industry

It is essential that regardless of the type or size of practice, health care service providers need to come up with perfect medical billing codes in accordance with guidelines. Cardiovascular billing proves to be complex in nature and demands in-depth knowledge and highly specialized skills that can be achieved only through regular training and hands-on experience.

Changing Medical Billing and Coding Scenario

Health care industry is undergoing continuous evolution. It is not just the advancements in medicine, regulations regarding medical coding and billing are on a constant roll as well. Recent changes have in fact resulted in notable fee reduction in the specialty of cardiology. While average Medicare fee has witnessed a rise of 1.1%, Medicare fee related to cardiology is seen to have dropped by around 2% every year during the recent past.

On the billing specifics front, verification of medical necessity, component coding, catheterization coding, and the like demand efficiency and expertise in billing. There has been considerable change in the in-office imaging treatment, external devices, and follow-up on implanted devices. Such vast changes necessitate delegating the medical billing tasks to reliable and experienced medical billing service providers with updated knowledge.

Essentials of Professional Cardiology Billers

Professional medical billers involved in cardiology billing must have sound knowledge about the impact of changes in CPT codes, ICD-10, and the various industry regulations. Apart from being certified professional coders, they are expected to be certified cardiology coders as well. AHIMA and AAPC certifications are required as well. This apart, relevant experience in handling medical coding and billing is another necessary factor.

Benefits of Availing Rapid Care Medical Billing Services

With experience and expertise in providing complete medical revenue cycle management solutions, Rapid Care excels in providing reliable and timely medical billing services to medical practices of all types. Our team of professional medical coders and billers understand the rules and regulations, and is well-accustomed to the most modern standards and latest changes that come in the industry. We recognize the pitfalls and benefits of modifiers and their relation to various cardiovascular procedures and services. The following are a few of the exclusive advantages of our medical billing solutions:

  • Coding straight from the working reports, we ensure accuracy
  • We work with clients for maintaining a good rapport with all providers
  • We make it a point to reassess all crucial sources of clinical documentation
  • By educating providers continuously, we ensure that gaps in documentation are filled properly
  • Maintaining track of all relevant documents and adhering to coding standards is our specialty

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ByDhana Prabhu

Significance of Ethical and Accurate Medical Billing

There is an increasingly more demand for health care quality from individuals. With touhgher laws and strict standards set for medical billing and coding, medical professionals seek perfect billing solutions not only for being able to deliver the best care but also to get properly reimbursed for services provided.

Why is Ethical and Accurate Medical Billing Crucial?

Inaccurate medical coding and billing lead to several issues. Inadvertently or purposely, at times, coding and billing may be performed in erroneous manner, resulting in claims rejection, unsatisfied patients, or legal liability. Using inaccurate coding and billing for the purpose of increased profits is found to be on the rise.

This necessitates safeguarding patients from insurance and health care fraud and related issues. The first step in fighting such evils is assuring that medical coding and billing processes are performed ethically and in a flaw-less manner.

Avoiding Health Care Fraud

Laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are aimed at protecting patients. They ensure that uniform and perfect standards are being adopted, and appropriate methods are being followed by medical practices and physicians. The expected results can be achieved if patients are able to access affordable health care. The practice of inflating health care costs or indulging in inaccurate coding is to be eliminated.

Role of Medical Coding and Billing Companies

Changes in health care-related laws and regulations and increased legal needs make it essential for medical professionals and health care facilities to keep themselves regularly updated. Proper medical billing and coding can be achieved only by keeping up-to-date with prevailing coding standards and most recent practices. This is where professional medical billing companies come to the help of medical practices.

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Remedy for the Pre-Authorization Predicament

Physicians are required to face several frustrations in providing care to patients, but prior authorization happens to be the most infuriating and expensive one. It costs heavily to fight with payers over prior authorizations and precious time is lost, bringing down productivity. The silver lining is that there are effective ways for improving the situation.

Significance of Prior Authorization in the Medical Industry

Legal requirements demand that health care providers obtain approval from health insurance providers for providing specific medical services to patients. Aimed at minimizing care costs, this ensures that benefits are payable only if the care-related processes get pre-approval from the insurance company.

If not handled effectively, prior authorization may prove to be an impediment to providing quality care to patients. They may lead to loss of hefty sums of money and precious hours of lost productivity. While prior authorization is about ensuring patient safety and care efficacy from the payers’ perspective, it is a hindrance that costs time and money to physicians and practices.

Why is Prior Authorization Dreaded?

The prior authorization process being very arduous, several physicians just give in. Insurance companies save money from prior authorization. The ultimate result is that the health care system loses a considerable amount of money due to this. Practices and providers can very well use the time and resources spent on their prior authorization tasks on patient care that is more important.

How to Resolve the Prior Authorization Conundrum?

One way of minimizing the costs and hardship of prior authorization is finding out well in advance what documentation or information a payer would need.

Making use of technology helps practices in reducing the prior authorization burden. Electronic health record software proves to be an effective tool in this regard.

Payer companies may use websites for expediting the prior authorization process. Individual practices can develop unique techniques in this regard according to their own experiences and requirements.

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