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Our Data Analysts have excellent capabilities to churn out amazing reports from data already available. The transcribed reports that we prepare for physicians/surgeons have a wealth of data about patients and the care given to them.

We have developed tools to generate a number of useful and interesting data such as patient demographic analysis, Patient visit analysis, Referral analysis, illness analysis etc. for specific periods & seasons. Physicians/surgeons can use these to analyse their practice and to make changes to their practice based on the results of these analysis. This can increase their revenue.

We can design samples of these reports for your practice, absolutely FREE. This service, once you sign up, works on a nominal monthly subscription and pay-as-you-use basis.

Here are representative samples of data analysis we can carry out and generate reports of the same. Data can be tweaked in different ways to address client’s requirements.

Patient demographic analysis for specific period (week, month, year)

Total no. of patients seen every day
Zip code wise distribution of patients seen
No. of new patients
No. of revisiting patients
Male patients
Female patients
Age group classification of patients

Referral analysis:

Patients referred to other physicians (by reason/purpose)
Patients referred for test/investigations/procedure (by type of test/investigation)
Patients referred for surgery (by type of surgery)
Patients referred for DME (by type of DME)
No. of patients referred by Physician
No. of patients referred by Diagnostic centre
No. of patients referred by hospital
No. of patients referred by DME Dealer

Ailment analysis:

No. of patients treated by ailment reported
Frequency analysis by ailment reported
Analysis of ailment by day of the week, week of the month, month of the year
Analysis of ailment by season (winter, summer, spring, autumn)

Patient visit analysis:

No. of appointment scheduled
No. of patients who maintained the appointment
No. of patients who rescheduled appointment
No. of patients with appointment who did not turn up
No. of patients asked to report for review, but did not report