who we are

Rapid Care Medical Billing specializes in custom designing and implementing advanced practice management, cash flow, revenue generation, administrative efficiency, and collection strategies for small and medium medical practices. RCM’s primary goal is to improve your top-line and bottom line.

Rapid Care Medical Billing is a one-stop solution provider that is capable of meeting all requirements of a medical practice.

Currently Managing about US $4.5M in Reimbursements

RCM is run by Board of Directors with Total of 59+ Years of Experience

Financially Strong and Promoted by 50 year old, US $100M Group

RCM team consists of skilled manpower totaling to 750+ Man years of Experience

We receive payment only if our performance is up to your satisfaction, and we receive it only after you collect first. Rapid Care Medical Billing has been promoted by the 50-year old Taurus group that has extensive interests in manufacturing and international trading. We are financially very strong. We respect ethics in business and maintain transparency in our transactions.

Our clients—doctors running their own medical practices—take home an average of 40% more profits than other doctors from their practice – and work less.