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Fundamental Regulations and Rules in Medical Transcription

It’s not enough if you, as a transcriptionist, are well-versed in language and good at listening. Medical transcription demands more than just transcribing data accurately. Medical transcription professionals are expected to familiarize themselves with certain fundamental legal requirements.

Significance of Understanding the Basic Rules and Laws Related to Medical Transcription

With focus on securing sensitive patient health information, certain important legislations have been enacted during the recent past. Different processes in the current medical industry are required to adhere to such standards and legal mandates as HIPAA and privacy rules. Failing to comply or adhere with the legal requirements will result in legal sanctions and heavy penalties. It is imperative that professional medical transcriptionists and transcription service providers keep themselves updated with the latest legislative norms and needs.

Security of Patient Personal Information

There are a few codes of ethics that must be followed by medical transcriptionists. These are aimed at protection of confidentiality and privacy of patient information. Legal requirements demand complete protection of patients’ personal information and management of the same in a highly secure manner by authorized persons.

Essential Rules and Regulations in Medical Transcription

The following are the codes of ethics developed by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) that serve as important guidelines and are considered to function as a framework for professional medical transcriptionists and medical transcription companies:

  • Patient Information Confidentiality
    • A primary requirement related to medical transcription companies is confidentiality of patient information – this includes data security in electronic communications
  • Individuals’ dignity and rights must be honored
    • Unique needs of individuals must be clearly understood and their dignity and rights must be respected
  • Timely and accurate information
    • Medical transcription service providers must relentlessly strive to offer accurate information on time
  • Professionals standards in transcription practice
    • Standards of professional transcription practice needs to be properly maintained
  • Compliance with standards and rules
    • All rules, laws, and regulations governing patient data documentation must be complied with

Medical transcription profession is not just listening and converting voice data into text; it involves high responsibilities. Even small errors might lead to unwanted consequences and put lives under threat. Hence, it is essential that medical transcription professionals are properly trained and are up-to-date.

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