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Gastroenterology Medical Transcription

Customized Gastroenterology Transcription Services Offered in Precise and affordable manner

Specialists dealing in Gastroenterology are entrusted with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases related to the human gastro-intestinal system. Error-free documentation is vital in delivering quality health care. Gastroenterology Transcription includes reports connected to organs in the gastro-intestinal tract, namely, the pancreas, gall bladder, and liver. Having been ridden with voluminous tasks of consultations, assessments, and surgeries, Gastroenterologists are left with little time for completing their documentation. This necessitates them to engage outsourcing partners for taking care of their Gastroenterology Transcription needs efficiently.

Reports commonly undertaken by us for Transcription

Following are a few of the types of reports that we normally transcribe:

Preoperative / Postoperative Diagnosis
Lab / Radiology Tests & Reports
Anoscopy Reports
Endoscopy Reports
Liver Biopsy Reports
Therapeutic or Diagnostic Paracentesis
Benefits of availing Rapid Care’s Services

Client’s preferred Dictation option
Multi-layered Quality Assurance Process
Data Security and Confidentiality
No need for long-term contracts
HIPAA compliance
Customized TAT
With robust infrastructure and unmatched customer support, Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd comprehensively satisfies client needs.