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General Surgery Transcription

Significance of General Surgery Transcription Service

Advancements in medicine and innovative technology have created challenges to specialists and practices in documenting surgical reports. It is no wonder that general surgeons are seeking quick and timely transcription solutions from external service providers in order to save time and resources.

General surgeons have their own responsibilities to provide varied surgical solutions for managing and treating a wide range of health conditions and diseases. They are involved in dealing with almost any part of the human body and hence are always found to be busy. Outsourcing their transcription needs to efficient transcriptionists saves efforts and money while offering accurate and effective documentation.

Services Offered by Rapid Care in General Surgery Transcription

History & Physical Examination Reports
Consultation Reports
Lab & Radiology Reports
Referrals & Clinical Notes
Doctors’ notes & Progress Reports
Operating Room Reports
Emergency Room & ICU Reports
Discharge Summaries
Why Rapid Care?

We have been in the industry since last 15 years. We have been accustomed to serving medical practices of all sizes and varied specialties. We have earned a niche among peers in providing transcripts with the maximum possible accuracy. By availing General Surgery Transcription service from us, you stand to gain the following benefits:

Client-specific dictation methods
Web-based secure file transfer
Input as well as output files in client-preferred format
TAT according to client needs
Free trial
HIPAA compliance
Our endeavor is to provide flaw less General Surgery Transcription solutions to physicians and medical facilities in such a way that they may increase their efficiency while being enabled to meet increased number of patients.

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