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  • CD drives, USB ports and other storage media are removed from all user systems
  • All user systems are protected by a fire-wall
  • According to HIPAA requirements the work area, server room, cafeteria, parking lot is monitored by CCTV
  • We use Domain level authentication to monitor access within the network
  • Only the System Administrator has rights to create user ids and give access privileges
  • Generator backup ensures uninterrupted operations even during a power outage
  • Privacy Policy: A non-disclosure agreement is signed by all employees at the time of joining
  • Regular training is imparted to employees to ensure employee awareness of HIPAA requirements
  • Posters showing HIPAA messages are found all over the work area to increase awareness
  • We at Rapid Care understand the sensitive nature of healthcare information and have securely handled the same over a decade complying to HIPAA standards.