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Software Testing

Have you ensured your software gels with all platforms & devices?

Exponential growth is being seen in new software products development, of late. With myriad businesses going the digital way, demand for newer products is likely to increase, making this trend to continue in future. Contemporary Business scenario calls for quick and efficient software products that may be useful in marketing and capturing market share, thus necessitating diligently performed software testing processes that ensure the reliability and capability of such products.

Software Testing Service that assures your product works smoothly

Rapid Care Software Testing Services not only help clients to provide complete testing and quality assurance of their software products but also play the vital role of reliable strategic partner in bringing down costs and enhancing productivity. We have a list of satisfied customers spread across the US and UK. Outsourcing Software Testing Service to Rapid Care enables customers to have effective and robust software solutions that assist them to achieve consistent quality and saving in time and resources.

How we operate

Our team first analyzes the business practices of customers and chart out test plans specific to them. Rapid Care adopts an effective iterative approach toward the process of software testing, starting from early phases of the development cycle. Carried on with a great understanding and collaboration between testers and developers, our services ensure that your product meets the required standards. We follow certain steps that aim at customizing unique needs of customers while offering total control over the whole process.

 Test scope definition: Product’s characteristics are analyzed
 Devising unique test plan depending on priorities
 Creating appropriate test models based on use cases
 Applying the test process
 Reporting the test findings
 Collecting feedback from customers

Purpose-built & Rigorous Software Testing Processes to render your Software reliable, compatible, and successful!

 Offering a complete testing services range in completely controlled and managed way is our specialty. Our services may be classified broadly as
 Creation and execution of Test Automation
 Testing the performance of the product
 Functionality testing along with compatibility check
 Rapid Care makes use of a wide range of state-of-the-art testing tools to ensure your product’s reliability and compatibility.

The Rapid Care Software Testing Benefits

 Detect defects at early stage in development cycle
 Reliable solutions that are cost-effective
 Improvement in productivity
 Cutting-edge tools for testing
 Upgrades and improvements on constant basis

By outsourcing your software testing service needs to Rapid Care, you will be able to improve the lifecycle of your software system. We guarantee highest testing skills and Quality Assurance.

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