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Remote Video AUDITING

You have invested in a video management system and need to maximize your return on investment by harnessing potential value of the video data. Often organizations lack dedicated core resources to focus and monitor video on daily operations, activities, events, and more.

Rapid Care’s remote video auditing services can help. You can use it with any network accessible video system and have Rapid Care’s remote video auditing teams track, monitor and measure any customer defined business metric, activity, operations at your locations. Go beyond loss prevention to measure operational effectiveness, compliance to policies and procedures, alarm events and more.

Rapid Care’s remote video auditing gets your organization’s video information transformed into actionable business intelligence to manage people, monitor processes and maximize profit. Remote Video Auditing helps you do away with unmonitored recorded data and provides value for your business by auditing recorded video and analyzing the results.

By getting your video data audited, you can drive improvements in multiple areas. You can get video data audited and monitored for optimal performance, employee compliance to practices, validate events, as well as detect problems, abnormalities and anomalies. You get significant and substantial findings customized for your organization to produce reports concerning employee, customer, supplier activities of impact to operations, profitability and customer satisfaction, troubleshoot problems areas, identify winning practices and maximize management models for improving security, operational and marketing initiatives. It has uses in Retail, Manufacturing, Quick Service Restaurants, Hospital Systems and more.

For example, a Hospital can obtain real time feedback on compliance by Hospital staff with its clinical and non-clinical processes in place. Hospital Administrators can utilize feedback and measure compliance in Operating Room and Surgical processes.


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Remote Video Auditing utilizes your existing video surveillance systems and DVR networks. Once the system is in place, end user organization decides on predetermined sets of a procedure, process or alarm event that need monitoring to enable the organization realize compliance to their processes, greater efficiency, get feedback on efficacy of their initiatives, besides safety and security. Rapid Care deploys dedicated trained Remote Video Auditors to monitor near real time video clips from the cameras placed at your strategic locations. The video streams are accessed on your video surveillance portal through encrypted virtual private networks. The Remote Video Auditors are competent to view video associated with the procedure, process or event and generate periodic statistics captured by the auditors. Remote video auditing can use both saved video data and live video feeds to compile data for the end user. Video is audited daily at specific duration as needed and feedback gathered and posted to the end user.


Benefits to a Hospital System monitoring Surgical Operating Room Video Streams

Operating Rooms involve a complicated workflow and are one of the most expensive departments of a Hospital. Remote Video Auditing of a surgical Operating Room ensures dedicated remote video auditors are deployed for monitoring domains relating with efficiency metrics, cleaning compliance, and application of the Universal Protocol for preventing wrong person surgery, wrong procedure and wrong site.


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