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There is almost always a frenzied activity in the emergency department of any health care facility. Entrusted with the responsibility of managing the emergency needs of patients, the regular work schedule of medical professionals in this department is naturally strenuous. There’s little wonder they seek assistance for documenting the patient reports.

Role Played by Emergency Department STAT Report Transcription

Consequences of failing to manage the documentation work flow in the emergency room of a medical practice will be tough to handle. Medical professionals in this highly active department need assistance in getting the patient reports and records accurately documented in a timely manner for ensuring the safety of patients and quality of care.

Significance of Emergency Room Reports Transcription Services

Physicians and specialists in the Emergency Rooms of medical facilities need accurate and timely patient information for managing the crucial situations that are common. There is no fixed working hours for this department, and the personnel here are expected to be ready to handle any type of medical emergencies. They are guided by the accurate and relevant medical data provided to them for which professional medical transcriptionists are required.

Services Covered

The Emergency Department STAT Reports transcription process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Reports of Urgent or semi-urgent nature
  • Reports related to life-threatening situations
  • Non-urgent situations

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