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General Practice Medical Transcription

Leveraging Technology for making transcriptions quicker. Using experienced transcriptionists for assuring accuracy!

Efficient & Reliable General Practice (GP) Transcription Solutions

Health care professionals dealing in general practice treat chronic and acute diseases, providing preventive care as well as educating patients about health. General practitioners are responsible for treating all common medical conditions, referring patients to specialties and other medical facilities in case of emergency or specialized treatment.

Being the first contact point and having to provide primary health care for varied health issues keeps them on the move. Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd exclusively serves general practitioners who specialize in traditional medicine with effective documentation of diverse and voluminous reports of their patients.

Services Offered

  • Consultation reports
  • Clinical visit notes
  • Health care records
  • Progress notes
  • Emergency notes
  • Notes to other professionals such as nurse, lab & radiology technicians
  • Reports on physical examination and patient history

Why Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd?

We have a team of transcriptionists trained extensively on the nuances of handling general practice in medicine. Our personnel are not only well-versed in the related medical terminology but also skilled in providing meaningful and relevant transcription solutions. We have been serving clients across the globe since last 15 years.

The Rapid Care Benefits

  • Innovative technology and tools
  • Uploading your dictation and downloading our transcripts are entirely online
  • Choice of device and mode for sending in your voice files
  • Maximum possible accuracy
  • Output in the format of your choice

With experience gained over years of catering to general practitioners, we assure clients precision and timely delivery.  Expertise in practice-related formalities and terminologies is an exclusive advantage that our transcriptionists have over peers.

You may contact us for all your general practice transcription requirements. We guarantee the shortest TAT and incredible pricing.