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Why Timely and Proper Submission of Claims Vital to Health Care Facilities?

Submission of clean claims is being encouraged by insurers all over the world for facilitating reimbursement electronically. Electronic claims submitted in the format as prescribed insurance companies facilitate quick processing for payment of services provided by caregivers to patients with insurance coverage.

Features of Electronic Claims Submission

Electronic claims are widely encouraged by insurers for the following reasons:

  • Electronic claims prove to be fast and convenient
  • They are accurate and reliable
  • Processing claims is faster in electronic mode than the paper version

Significance of Medical Claims Submission

Medical billing is a process that requires time and skill. It necessitates coordinating the medical practice’s internal work flow with external factors such as clearing houses and claim processing service providers. This demands regular review an improved billing process so that faster and proper claims submission is achieved, leading to increased approval and better reimbursements.

Steps to Improve Medical Claims Submission Process

  • Patient files need to be updated and managed: Verifying patient insurance details and demographics during each visit ensures information is accurate and improve billing process
  • Regular Training is Essential: Billing department staff need to undergo training programs that include the components which ensure faster processing
  • Tracking Denied Claims: Rejected claims must be used as an opportunity to improve the claims submission process – tracking denial codes enables learning the significant steps that help enhance efficiency
  • Following up claims that are delinquent: Proper review of account aging helps identifying claims that have not been paid timely – communication and other issues leading to high delinquency rate will be revealed, providing clues for improving the performance
  • Quality control must be enhanced: It is critical to eliminate claim errors – it is better to  regularly post and record payments

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