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Impact of EHR Adoption on Medical Transcriptionists’ Activities

In addition to efficient and reliable documentation of patients’ health reports, Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software drives the healthcare organizations’ ability to compete. The accuracy of narrative reports, improved by EHR adoption, impacts several factors in the health care sector.

Significance of Accurate Documentation of Health Reports in EHRs

The way and speed of structured medical records being fed into the EHR systems influence health care facilities’ competence. Clinical and financial coding processes depend on these systems. Care providers rely on dictated text for communicating complete patient story to other care providers.

For being effectively leveraged by EHR, narrative reports are needed to be available as interoperable and discrete patient health information that is accessible in scannable and readable formats. This is where EHR Software plays a commanding role.

Multifarious Impacts of EHR Software

With EHRs being able to directly interface with transcription platforms in order to parse data, the process of transcription is now able to create discrete data fields and not just static information or flat files. HL7 compliance is achieved and these capabilities have facilitated efficient data transfer through dictation software having speech recognition ability.

With various activities such as clinical dictation, admission, and transfer feeds being integrated among systems, manual transcription process is slowly being replaced.

Editors’ transition happens to be one of the prominent changes brought by EHR adoption in the medical transcription process. Creation of typed document may be done away with, as speech recognition software is becoming increasingly common. Transcriptionists have to take responsibility of editing documents rather than creating them.

Changes in Transition Process

Establishing effectively the software adoption and implementation is one of the vital aspects of successfully transitioning to the new transcription era. Proper education and training are the important factors for any successful transition.

There has been a noticeable rise in the transition to EHR that might have been caused by the lure of incentives or the threat of loss of reimbursement. For maximizing their return on investment, practices need to pay close watch over the impact of changes caused by the transition processes.

The adoption of speech recognition software and natural language processing, along with targeted education and transcriptionist training leads to not only increased accuracy but also increased productivity and efficiency. Moreover, it expedites patient information access, thus enabling perfect decisions and improves financial outcomes as well as care quality.

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