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Are you looking for ways to understand sequence of injuries, illnesses, and treatment through reliable medical summary?

A law firm’s productivity can be improved, time saved, and staff may be freed, by availing the services of strategic partners in developing accurate case chronologies! Medical chronologies form the base – they are relevant reports that assist medical – legal cases!

Ways in which Medical Review Companies Assist Legal Professionals

There are various services that are provided by Medical Review Service providers, the most sought-after one being medical case chronology. Apart from law firms, insurance companies also are benefitted by these services. Review professionals create chronology in such a way that correct and relevant case information is supplied as and when they are needed, thus helping legal practitioners win cases.

Medical chronology helps in finalizing claim-related cases efficiently; it assists in reaching a decision as to whether a claim needs to be settled or denied. It provides timely data to legal professionals so that they can formulate appropriate strategies to win their cases efficiently.

Advantages of delegating Medical Review Services

Partnering with Medical Review Service providers ensures that each and every medical records gets scanned, indexed, and organized, thus facilitating easy and quick retrieval of vital information at the right time. Missing records or ambiguity will be noted down promptly. Clinical documentation standards are strictly adhered to. Following are a few of the exclusive benefits of delegating medical chronology task to experienced review professionals:

  • Comprehensive medical chronology services
  • Medical Records Review of superior quality
  • Improvement in quality of productivity of the legal practice
  • Arrangement in chronological sequence of all health care data related to client’s case
  • Exclusive organizing of relevant medical records by type
  • Customized TAT and cost saving

Significance of Summarizing Medical Records in the Review Process

Attorneys and other legal practitioners dealing with medical litigation and related processes are normally ridden with managing a great lot of medical records. Systematically organized and meaningfully presented health records assist them greatly in preparing their cases. Documenting all observations and facts about patients’ health information including medical history, present and past diseases, tests and examinations, treatments and outcomes is vital.

Factors that help Improving usefulness & Quality of Charted Info

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Timeliness
  • Comprehensive information

The Process of Medical Summary

Accurate medical summaries are critical to case outcomes. Each relevant and important data included in health record needs to be summarized. Care has to be exercised in not omitting significant information while also not including unimportant or superfluous information. Concise and specific summaries are required; wordy summaries will not serve the purpose. Brevity is the key. While preparing medical summaries, their purpose in the case must be kept in mind such as reviewing the validity or extent of injuries involved, evaluating specific concerns, and the like.

Crucial Elements included in Medical Summaries

  • Description about the incident by the claimant
  • Patient’ present condition and medical history
  • Physician’s physical examination, assessment, impressions, and diagnoses
  • Treatment, surgical procedures, and medications
  • Response of the patient to treatment
  • Proof of non-compliance, if any
  • Physician’s view toward cause of injury or illness, recovery possibilities, and extent of possible recovery
  • Plaintiff’s knowledge about malpractice

An accurate medical summary can be created, if the reviewer is capable of identifying key points in the medical records and understanding medical issues connected to the case. The primary concern is not to miss out on vital data and to make proper judgment.