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Are you Seeking Effective Medical Record Management & Reliable Medical Chronologies?

Medical Chronologies are reports that form the basis of several types of medical legal cases-by the orderly manner in which these are presented – using these, non-medical professionals such as attorneys will be able to access the necessary data when needed

The Medical Chronology Basics

Medical data found in health care organizations are generally voluminous and are mostly scattered over varied locations and in different formats. Medical chronologies, also known as medical summaries, are official records of medical events presented in the chronological order of their occurrence. Creating perfect chronology requires diligently poring over a large number of medical records in order for identifying, locating, reviewing, and interpreting relevant information.

It is not easy for attorneys and legal professionals to go through the huge volume of medical data pertaining to every case. It may prove strenuous and time-consuming for attorneys to analyze the huge data and identify the relevance in connection with the cases in question. The summary of the case in the chronological order, called Chronology, eases the task and allows them to access necessary data as and when required.

What are the uses of Effective Chronologies?

Offering convenience of easy reading, updating, and using, Chronologies describe a patient’s medical history from a particular date through another. By making use of Chronologies, legal practitioners are relieved of the task of flipping through various charts for identifying pertinent information associated with patient allegations. Moreover, medical chronologies identify specific information of each and every fact such as record type and the provider.

The Rapid Care Advantage

We have a team of trained and experienced professionals who have eyes for detail. They will easily extract relevant and crucial information vital for cases. Analytical expertise and focus are the additional features available with our service. We provide customized reports and solutions according to the needs of clients.

Rapid Care offers medical chronologies related to various types of cases including slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice and medical negligence, and so on.