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How to Avail Efficient and Accurate Radiology Transcription Service?

Radiology is the branch in medicine which supports specialists to accomplish patient wellness through perfect diagnosis of diseases and conditions using imaging technology. Entrusted with the onus of providing precise and supporting documentation that assists practitioners in deftly managing patient health, radiology transcriptionists play a crucial role in the health care scenario!

Radiology Transcription – Understanding the Basics

Patients visit clinics, hospitals, and urgent care centers for different reasons and needs. On several occasions, they are required to take tests and undergo various procedures. Their health condition is frequently pinpointed using imaging technology.

Major scanning technologies that radiologists use for analyzing patients’ medical conditions are MRI, CT scan, X-rays, and Ultrasound scans. Reports of such imaging tests and procedures need to be accurately documented in the form of transcripts so that treating physicians and surgeons will be able to arrive at perfect decisions and offer optimal health care.

Challenges in Radiology Transcription and Solutions

The radiology transcriptionist is expected to document precisely the interpretations on various imaging technologies. The report, as voiced by the radiologist, must be transcribed into accurate notes. Moreover, the transcriptionist has to document details of patient’s conditions that may serve as data source for treatment or in case of disputes.

Requirements of Reliable Radiology Transcription Professionals

There has been considerable increase for medical imaging among health care providers. This gives rise to pressure on the part of radiology practices in coming up with the best possible service that includes verbatim and quality reports furnished under the shortest time possible. This calls for relevant knowledge in terminology and procedures from the radiology transcriptionists’ part.

Basic needs of radiology transcriptionists are excellent language skill, listening and typing skills, and the ability to understand contextual meaning of phrases. Moreover, the ability to research information and having an eye for detail are essential.

What makes Rapid Care’s Radiology Transcription Service Tick?

We have a team of trained and experienced transcriptionists specializing in radiology transcription. Having worked closely in association with radiologists for years, our professionals have the caliber to present every finding with clear understanding of the radiologist’s views.

The radiology transcription professionals at Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd possess the following skills:

  • Familiarity with all modern technologies and software such as COMRAD, Karisma, OCCAM, JADE Care systems, Winscribe, and Pro Medicus
  • Preparatory education in medicine
  • Years of experience in radiology dictation
  • Passion toward listening and typing
  • Strong reporting skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Capable of working under pressure

It’s a competitive world – we have attained a niche among peers by offering precise and relevant radiology transcripts and maintaining high quality. Our solutions ensure increase in practice work flow, patient safety, and revenue.