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Accounts receivable management in the health care environment is similar to handling an evolving organism. Several transactions are conducted in medical practices throughout the day. Each has a bearing on increasing or decreasing the distance to the finish line. Role Read more…

It is the responsibility of legal transcriptionists to convert spoken or recorded audio and video files such as legal notations, depositions, subpoenas, and testimonials related to court room and legal proceedings into accurate text files. These transcripts prove to be Read more…

Radiology is the branch in medicine which supports specialists to accomplish patient wellness through perfect diagnosis of diseases and conditions using imaging technology. Entrusted with the onus of providing precise and supporting documentation that assists practitioners in deftly managing patient Read more…

Medical Transcription, the seemingly simpler process that appears possible to be handled by anyone with language proficiency and listening skills, in fact involves certain nuances such as eye for detail and passion to remain patient while working. While it is Read more…

Driven by demand and responsibility, the specialty of Gastroenterology has been undergoing continuous evolution. Physicians and specialists dealing in this department of medicine have been seeking effective ways to standardize and improve documentation of health records and reports related to Read more…

Dealing with diagnosis and treatment of the disorders and diseases related to the kidneys, Nephrologists are a busy lot. Nephrology specialists’ medical report documentation needs to be handled with precision and lots of care. The basic capabilities expected from transcriptionists Read more…

Converting audio and video information dictated by clients into text format- the transcription process- has been serving varied businesses and different organizations in the modern world. Legal, education, and other organizations explore the possibilities of outsourcing the transcription requirements. The Read more…

Medical Transcription Service tailor-made for Physicians & Hospitals Since inception in year 2000, Rapid Care has been providing unparalleled and accurate medical transcription service to varied professionals in the medical fraternity. We cater to transcription needs of not only hospitals Read more…