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Rapid Care’s Robotic Process Automation Professional Services works with data-driven organizations across a wide variety of industries collaborating with their data science teams to generate high quality customized training data for their machine learning and robotics process automation initiatives in line with strategy and direction.

Better training data

Categorization and Classification of Text, audio, image, video and structured data – content moderation, intent classification, data analytics, e-commerce, product categorization, image classification, CEM and CRM, topic annotation

Speech Transcription and Annotation

Call centers, social media, text-to-speech

Data Collection

text collection, OCR based document digitalization, business data collection, speech collection, image collection, video collection, biometric data collection

Linguistic services

lexicons, semantic annotation, syntactic annotation, entity recognition, phonetic dictionaries, language models

Text annotation

E-commerce, social media, NLP, data analytics, machine translation

Image annotation

Medical imaging, satellite imagery, thermal images, social media

Video annotation

Automotive, behavior [normal and anomalous behaviors], inspection and compliance, security, scene understanding, object detection, tagging and tracking, event detection, tagging and tracking, semantic segmentation Emotion and Sentiment annotation – text based, voice based, image based, video based

Exceptional human intelligence for complex data tasks Data labeling, annotation for individuals and organizations

Unified Platform for AI/ML data collection, data labeling, and iterative model training.

Providing high-quality data annotation services and software Managed service in the cloud or on premise

The teams support a wide range of use cases including content categorization, data cleansing, classification, enrichment, product categorization and search relevance. These include but are not limited to:

Account cleansing, Account reconciliation, Accounting entry, Accrual support, Amend across multiple systems, Audit support and validation, Back-Office work, Check processing, Cost Accounting and Purchase Orders, Claims, Data mismatches, eForm extraction, Image analysis, Journal Entry Accounting, KYC/AML authentication, Month end close heavylifting, Reconciliation, Transactional, and Video audits

Teams are passionate about monetizing and delivering services that contribute to customer success to successfully deliver both non-technical managed services and technical services projects as appropriate. Teams execute against your Statements of Work and manage multiple projects, priorities and deliveries within specified timelines and budgets. At Rapid Care, you have access to an always on scalable workforce, always on layer of controls to ensure privacy, confidentiality and integrity of data, and always on dedicated monitored facliities.


Rapid Care provides assistance to your AI and ML initiatives with steady scaleable dedicated workforce operating in monitored controlled environments to ensure data privacy and integrity and assuring your sensitive data is handled with the governance needed.

Rapid Care utilizes the human-in-the-loop approach to help businesses by performing tasks involving curation of data for machines to ingest meeting machine learning and algorithms aided objectives.

Teams are dedicated on your projects and work around the clock repurposing, labeling and cleaning up massive amounts of information before it can be processed.

You upload your data [be it text, images, video, audio] and stipulate the rules for our workforce to follow. Rapid Care has immediate go to scalable workforce around the clock to label your data at scale. Annotation is carried out at different level based on user defined taxonomy. Quality control measures make sure your data is enriched for repurpose accurately and in time.

Transition begins with an onboarding program manned by dedicated workforce to understand ground rules, target and variable data, monitored by a dedicated Project Manager, ensuring data privacy, configurable quality controls, and segmentation of workforce by task types.


Moderation of content [comments, video, audio, profiles etc] keep only the best content playing by your rules Categorization of data [tagging images, pages, catalogs, documents, video and audio] into customized categories based on user defined taxonomy levels, re-ordering source and generating an index post re-ordering]

Data collection [reliable data is collected based on your needs on what to find, examples include finding image urls, investor information, C level information or other crucial business information]

Image Annotation [Annotation of image into meaningful parts and classification of each part into one of pre-determined classes select and categorize objects in an image to define the class, type and instance in a 3 level taxonomy]

Image Labeling tasks to mark possible regions of interest represented by a bounding box and giving each bounding box a label, Data cleansing [clean CRM data etc] Search result relevance [data enrichment by providing the most relevant search results] Transcription get accurate transcripts to time and budget