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Easy Dictate App

Fast, accurate, and affordable voice-to-text transcription solution!

easyDICTATE is an efficient and simple app that facilitates recording/dictating user audio, designed and developed exclusively for mobile dictation.

This innovative mobile dictation app provides an exclusive platform for registered customers of easyDICTATE to dictate their data for efficient transcription.

EasyDictate – the exclusive mobile dictation app helps professionals from various industries to dictate quickly and conveniently using the digital device of their choice. The recorded file is uploaded automatically, to get transcribed accurately by professionals. All you need is a web-enabled mobile device.                          

Quick, efficient, and accurate documentation!

Forget the traditional dictaphone and recorders

Use our mobile app, record, specify tat and leave your phone connected with Internet, app uploads your file automatically. Works with android devices, iphone, and ipads. Available from Appstore as well as Google Play store.

How does it Work?

To avail the services of easyDICTATE mobile app, users need to register themselves. By getting yourself registered, you are eligible to avail our Dictation & Transcription services.

Hassle-free Recording

Record your dictation effortlessly by just talking into your mobile device. No need for additional hardware. Just talk and get your dictation converted into transcript with a few clicks of the button!

Avoids managing uploads and downloads

No separate uploading or downloading process – just by a few button presses, you can get your dictation transferred and our team transcribes the same – allowing you to be relieved from the documentation process.

Customized TAT

In addition to standard turnaround time, we provide special delivery schedules to clients who prefer customized TAT according to their specific business needs – we have solution for every unique need.

Exclusive Features in the EasyDictate Mobile App

  • Free Registration
  • Auto allocation / auto pooling of files
  • Easy line count / billing reports
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Do anything from anywhere
  • Foot pedal support
  • Data stored in Cloud
  • Easy Template Selection
  • Quick Files and Log Tracking
  • Complete file Protection at end user
  • No need for download files
  • Everything comes with one portal
  • Work as much as you can
  • File Backup available