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How It Works

You can make use of your existing DVR networks and video surveillance systems for activating the remote video auditing process. Having the system in place, the end user – an individual or an organization – may decide on their pre-determined sets of processes, procedures, or alarm event that have to be monitored. This enables the organization to ensure greater efficiency, compliance to processes, and safety and security.

Rapid Care collects real-time video data from cameras placed at vantage points in the premises that are monitored by dedicated remote video monitoring professionals. Video streams obtained may be accessed on the video monitoring portal through encrypted virtual private networks. This helps ensuring that processes are in line with necessary standards and unwanted activities are avoided.

Mode of Working

  • Professionals having the competence and understanding about the processes and standards related to your specific needs are engaged in viewing the video
  • They observe each and every event and generate periodic reports about the captured video data.
  • Remote video audit makes use of both live video feeds and saved video data
  • RVA provides comprehensive information according to the needs of end user
  • Video data may be audited at the required duration as specified by the end user and feedback is gathered and posted regularly