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Strict control measures ensure high and guaranteed accuracy, thereby decreasing refusals and increasing reimbursements.

Turn Around Time

Better process efficiency and time advantage of the offshore facility leads to better turnaround time ranging between 12-24 hrs.

Cost Structure

Lower cost structure and highly qualified staff give us the resources to analyze and resolve denials and to follow up lower – dollar claims and make collections.

Definite Saving

Reduces overheads and eliminates paperwork, leading to a definite saving of up to 60%. Absolutely no Capital or Set-up cost to be incurred by you.

Qualified Manpower

Access to well-qualified college graduates, thus getting expert attention and enhanced productivity.

Focused Approach

We focus exclusively on assisting Medical Billing and Claims processing companies only, and because of this, we have gained expertise across different software, billing methodologies, and state regulations.

Flexibility and Scalability

We are flexible to accommodate all of your needs, no matter how demanding they are and scale the operation to best suit the size of your requirement. No task is too small or too large for us.


Your complaints or issues are handled by our 24/7 customer service department in a timely manner. We have a record of resolving complaints within an average of three hours or less.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to complement you and not to compete against you.


State of the art infrastructure ensures adequate redundancy in place for power, internet leased lines, disaster recovery, and data security.