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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription, the process of converting speech to text format is required to be performed for various purposes in diverse fields. An accurate and authentic audio transcription service is in fact an indispensable element in seminars, meetings, discourses, and several other such important events.

In the contemporary world, the need for audio transcription is being felt by varied entities such as businesses, educational institutions, law firms, entertainment industry, and so on. Rapid Care offers verbatim and meaningful audio transcription to clients from all such fields.

Key Features of Rapid Care Audio Transcription Services

  • Accuracy and error-free transcripts
  • Varied formats of inputs are accepted
  • 100% Data security and confidentiality
  • Free trial offer and flexible prices
  • Round the clock support & service
  • Standard as well as Rush TAT

Benefits of Rapid Care Audio Transcription

  • Manual transcription process
  • State-of-the-art technologies & processes
  • Experienced team of transcriptionists
  • Multi-layered quality check & quality assurance

How we operate

We have put in place easy uploading process for clients to send their audio files. Stored in secure server, these files are accessed by transcriptionists according to the nature of the content; they then get transformed into accurate text format. Our expert proofreaders and editors perform checking and correction process, after which the files are finally delivered to clients in a completed form.

We accept client files in various formats such as mp3, wav, and so on. The team of transcriptionists at Rapid Care is specially trained and is skilled to handle audio files containing content from any industry efficiently. Our professionals are not only good at language but are also seasoned subject matter experts.

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