Medical Record Review

” Preparation of medical chronologies, starting from a basic listing and going to produce a comprehensive medical records summary that details multiple objectives “.

Medical record review from Rapid Care produces a medical chronology customized to meet client requirements. Our medical chronologies can also be differentiated through the following features

Medical Legal Review

How can you be sure that the specific medical care recommended for an injured worker is appropriate and necessary?

Every injured workers’ needs are unique and you need help to review each service and ensure they are supported by established evidence based criteria… The Service can include but not limited to diagnostic tests, treatment, medication, procedure, therapy etc.


Rapid MedReview assists your IME, Peer review, Radiological review, and DME billing review requests by providing you with a report structured to your template, proper report start and finish paragraphs, a chronological comprehensive listing of medical records reviewed for the request, a precise medical history, and conclusion supported by researched reference materials. The entire process is micro managed to provide you with the fastest and accurate product.

Medical Chronologies

Chronologies, Summaries, Glossary, Hyperlinking

Comprehensive review of all available pertinent records

Plaintiff and Defense Counsel / Life Care Planners