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Profile of a Professional Legal Transcriptionist

It is the responsibility of legal transcriptionists to convert spoken or recorded audio and video files such as legal notations, depositions, subpoenas, and testimonials related to court room and legal proceedings into accurate text files. These transcripts prove to be of immense value to legal professionals for successfully conducting the case.

Legal Transcription – the Fundamentals

Legal professionals such as attorneys and law firms are the major users who seek assistance for transcribing their case-related records. In addition to this, insurance companies and banks also may require the services of professional legal transcriptionists for their unique purposes.

A legal transcriptionist plays a vital role in extracting relevant and essential information from various recordings and preparing reliable and accurate documents that are immensely helpful in conducting the case. Data dictated by legal professionals such as attorneys and paralegals need to be transcribed precisely and presented at the time of need. Here’s where the experienced and skilled legal transcriptionists play a crucial role.

Review of Case-Related Records

It is the responsibility of legal transcriptionists to review each and every record and note pertaining to the case. While transcribing legal records, it is essential that names involved are correct, the perfect terminology is represented, and the transcribed statements correspond properly with the audio recording during the legal proceedings.

The legal transcriptionist is required to edit and review the transcript and correct errors, if any, without changing the actual statement made by a person. Unlike other transcription services, legal transcription demands that statements are mostly transcribed verbatim regardless of grammar or language quality.

Modern Transcription Process

Today, with digitalization of most of the business processes, transcription process is also being performed using computers. The human effort in the transcription process is seen to shift from listening and typing to editing and proofing.

Automatic speech recognition software and other voice recognition technologies help transcribing voice data quickly and effortlessly. Voice recognition technology, along with mobile dictation and recording apps, provides convenient dictation mode and increases transcription productivity.

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