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How to avoid pitfalls through Effective Medical Record Summarization

Medical Summaries prepared efficiently by experienced medical litigation paralegals provide all relevant information that assists legal professionals by organizing records in chronological and concise manner

Essentials of Effective medical summary

A well-prepared medical summary must organize medical records in brief yet clear chronological way that facilitates smooth assimilation. It needs to include every pertinent medical and billing data duly sorted by provider and properly furnished with document number. It has to enable legal firms to examine witnesses effectively, negotiate settlements conveniently, and go to trial when needed. Being equipped with strong medical record summary is crucial for the outcome of cases.

The process of Rapidmedreview’s medical summarization

We follow systematic steps in order to come up with the most reliable and accurate medical record summaries that facilitate conducting cases smoothly. Following are the processes that our team of professionals follows:

  • Collecting reports and documents from clients through secure file transfer
  • Review of reports by medical professionals and preparation of required summaries according to client requirements
  • Chronological arrangement of reports
  • Removal of duplicate records
  • Final Summarization process

Benefits of Custom Medical Record Summarization

Legal professionals are not expected to be masters in medical terms and procedures. Nonetheless, it is required of them to go through critical medical reports and documents to be able to proceed with their legal cases. Just like in any other modern business, in legal profession also, there is a lot of time required for reviewing voluminous data to arrive at the proper decision. Partnering with efficient service providers facilitates attorneys to perform their legal tasks more efficiently and build stronger cases. A few of the exclusive advantages are listed below:

  • Time spent on sorting and reviewing reports is saved for attorneys, claims and paralegal personnel
  • Cases may be settled quickly and effectively
  • Scrutinizing deviations from care standards and questionable matters is made possible
  • Visits and progression of medical conditions as well as treatments can be tracked in their sequential order
  • The burden of reading and dictation is greatly reduced

Medical Record Summaries prepared by Rapidmedreview are easy to go through and provide crucial information such as providers, pre- and post-existing medical conditions, and diagnoses and medications. We ensure that our clients spend less time on unwanted data so that they get to focus more on required information.