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Medical Transcription & EHR: an Efficient Combo that serves Medical Industry

Medical records used to be accessible and understandable by select few – but this has become a thing of the past. With the entry of technology into the health care sector, so much has changed. Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software is one major factor that has brought amazing changes in patient record management and medical transcription!

Technology has rendered Medical Transcription more accurate and reliable

Not only clinical processes, financial processes rely on perfect medical reports and records. Providers need to depend on meticulously transcripted reports for communicating unique and comprehensive patient details to other medical service providers. Narrative reports have evolved into interoperable and discrete patient information that is presented in easy-to-use, scannable, and readable formats, thanks to EHR.

Capturing complex medical situations is made easier

Certain circumstances may limit the physicians’ ability to perfectly document complexities of patients’ cases. Patients having complex medical histories and complex surgeries involving superior narrative covering every procedure are examples. In such instances, EHR, when accompanied by medical transcription, may help tremendously in capturing the said complexities through effective medical reports.

Accuracy and Timeliness – the crucial needs achieved through effective Medical Documentation

Medical Transcriptions and innovatively designed EHRs go hand-in-hand, making patient medical records take the role of effective and accurate tools that facilitate medical professionals to provide the best treatment to patients.

The job of a qualified medical transcriptionist is not only coming up with verbatim and meaningful transcriptions but also ensuring that the transcripts are accurate. They also enable physicians and practices to provide totally efficient and safe health care. This is made possible by EHR adoption that has been implemented in a practice-specific manner. Moreover, the combination helps achieve timely delivery of reports that assist clinicians greatly in information-based decision making.

The advantages of Blending Medical Transcription & EHR

  • The transition toward a complete digital environment has been made possible through EHR
  • The digital shift has functionally and technically transformed the transcription process
  • Quality of transcripts greatly increases while medical coding process is simplified
  • Seamless integration of dictation into EHR helps improve accuracy
  • Highest quality & Increased efficiency
  • Better and effective use of time
  • Improved revenues

Transcription integrates easily with EHR and knowledgeable transcriptionists will assist in integrating medical information into the EHR system of physicians or practices. Patient safety and practice efficiency are substantially increased by this.

Although EHRs and transcription are by themselves effective solutions in medical industry, these two different solutions, when blended together, facilitate medical practices to provide better documentation, patient care, and accuracy.