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Are you looking for efficient Orthopedic Transcription Solutions?

Medical practices and physicians across the world are searching for lowering costs and time involved in health care delivery. It has been proven beyond doubt that medical professionals could do well by delegating their documentation tasks to reliable third party service providers.

Effective Orthopedic Transcription Service from Experienced Professionals

Specialists dealing in orthopedics are always in need of accurate transcripts of their patients’ medical reports. Demanding quick delivery and reliably meaningful transcripts that support them in their diagnostic and treatment methods, these professionals are constantly seeking precise transcription solutions.

The process of medical transcription involves several specific elements such as experience and skill of the personnel, their proficiency in language and the related medical terminology. The success of health care delivery from the practice depends to a great extent on the accuracy and relevance of the patent records. Hence, transcripts of patients’ reports need to be documented in a completely meticulous manner.

Exclusive Transcription Service Provided by Numintrans

The efficiency of transcription service providers may be measured by a few factors such as speed, accuracy, meaningful transcripts, and trustworthiness. Clients must have choice over the file formats and dictation modes.

We at Numinatrans have acquired a team of comprehensively trained and skilled transcription professionals capable of handling diverse transcription needs of physicians from different specialties. We provide separate transcriptionists for serving specific assignments.

Who we serve

We have been providing client-specific transcription solutions to various medical specialties and departments. A few of the specialties we serve are listed below:

  • Pain management specialties
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports Medicine / sports injury management
  • Orthopedics

What makes Numinatrans Effective & Trustworthy

  • Data Security: We ensure total data security through full encryption of patient data. Privacy and confidentiality of sensitive medical information is assured
  • Legal Compliance: We ensure that complete HIPAA and other governmental needs are adhered to properly
  • Turnaround Time: We offer timely transcription solutions according to user needs – apart from standard TAT, we also provide customized TAT
  • Easy Dictation Modes: We provide the convenience of choosing the appropriate recording and file transfer options to our clients – transferring ortho reports is made easy and convenient

Exclusive Advantages of Numinatrans

  • No geographical boundaries- we serve clients spread over the world
  • 24/7 service and continuous support from professionals
  • Trained and security-screened transcriptionists
  • Accurate and meaningful transcripts
  • Experience in handling medical reports from varied departments

The success of patient health care delivery depends on quality of medical report documentation. The role of the medical transcriptionists in the orthopedics department cannot be understated.