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The Evolution of Medical Transcription and its Foreseeable Future

Involving complex processes that require an eye for detail, medical transcription is a unique profession. It necessitates not only listening and typing skills, but also interpreting and formalizing medical reports accurately.

Requirements of a Medical Transcriptionist

To be a successful medical transcriptionist, one needs a range of knowledge bases, namely, medical terminology, command over the language of English, and word processing applications. Medical records being one of the critical elements in the health care management, medical transcriptionists cannot afford to commit mistakes – accuracy is of paramount importance here.

Voice Recognition Technology

Speech recognition or voice recognition software has been in vogue in the medical transcription environment since more than a decade now. Allowing humans to speak directly into a computer through an audio system, this innovative technology helps converting the dictated words into text, getting the same presented in an M S Word document.

This process necessitates training the software to the voice of the person who dictates. Automated speech recognition software has made it possible to get physicians’ dictation transcripted and delivered quickly with a fair amount of correctness. However, human beings’ involvement and interaction with computers is unavoidable to complete the task with accuracy.

Role of Humans in Providing Medical Transcription Solutions

With automatic speech recognition software, there are bound to be several mistakes caused by factors such as complex medical terms, different words having the same sound, and misinterpretation by the software. Computers are fast, but not capable of performing everything that a human being does.

Medical transcription process has come a long way during the past. From direct dictation of doctors to typists, the process has undergone several changes and is being fine-tuned with today’s technology. Medical transcriptionists need to keep themselves trained and updated with the latest developments in the field of transcription.

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