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Is Voice Recognition Proving to be the Future of Medical Transcription?

According to research, it is seen that although several clinicians are skeptical, voice recognition or speech recognition technology is found to be adopted in an increasingly wide manner. Speech recognition improves clinical documentation in several ways.

Voice Recognition Technology and Medical Transcription

While certain physicians are frustrated as they feel they are made to perform the work of transcriptionists, voice recognition technology helps reduce transcription costs and time, and enables completing more patient-narratives.

In the present health care scenario, demand for increased documentation is on the rise and there are not enough skilled medical transcriptionists to cater to the needs of the future.

The Process of Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition Software (ASR) engines have high voice recognition capability. Here, the dictator speaks into a headset or microphone attaché to a computer. Those words that are recognized by the ASR are displayed, while the dictator is required to correct the mistakes. The spoken words get converted into text. The speaker’s voice is required to be trained to the software prior to the transcription process.

Benefits of Automatic Speech Recognition

By using ASR for medical transcription, your files are auto transcribed. The output just needs to be proofread and is ready for uploading. With the dictator’s voice clear, an accuracy of up to 90% can be achieved, regardless of how fast the dictation is done.

The dictator has control over the entire process; the document gets dictated, checked and corrected, and validated in one sitting. It is almost as if when you are done with dictation, the document is ready for further use.

What Does the Future Hold for Medical Transcriptionists?

Although automatic transcription process has been made possible, professionals across the medical industry will find it difficult to perform the proofreading part by themselves, ensuring the need for expert transcriptionists to complete the task efficiently.

It is through appropriate training and experience that professionals will be able to take up effective traditional transcription as well as proofreading the output from ASR Software-based transcription process. Here’s where the need for expert transcriptionists is felt.

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