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Medical Scribe – a Revolutionary Concept in Modern Medicine

An innovative concept that aims at assisting physicians with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) documentation and other related tasks, Virtual Medical Scribes manage physicians’ patient data in their EMR in real-time. Operating from HIPAA compliant and secure environment, they provide several benefits to medical practices and providers.

Who is a Medical Scribe?

A medical scribe is a personal assistant to a physician. It is the responsibility of the medical scribe to perform documentation in the EMR, collect relevant information from patients’ visits, and generally work along with the physician to ensure that the best possible patient care is being delivered.

Need for Virtual Medical Scribes

Physicians were traditionally entrusted with managing the patients’ health and focused only on patient contact and care. With the advent of modern health information technologies such as the EMR Software System that created an overload of documentation and other clerical responsibilities, work flow of physicians has been seen to slow down. Physicians are pulled away from providing patient care. To relieve themselves from these responsibilities, physicians seek reliable medical scribe services.

Role of the Virtual Medical Scribe

To someone who is interested in the field of medicine – either out of personal interest or driven by career goal of becoming a physician’s assistant, becoming a medical scribe offers several opportunities. Offering exciting one-to-one physician collaboration and unprecedented level of exposure to health care, this profession suits well for those with an inclination toward medicine.

Exposure to medical scribing is fast becoming the standard for pre-medical experience. Demand for scribe services is on the rise. So naturally, the competition to become a virtual medical scribe is also getting fierce.

Benefits of Medical Scribe Service to Physicians

  • Saving on typing and dictating time and efforts
  • Patient charts can be completed on the same day
  • Increased focus on care and more number of patients
  • Increased revenue
  • HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use adherence
  • Quality is improved and documentation is better

Several doctors across the world find EMRs difficult to maintain. But due to statutory mandates and financial incentives, it is essential to adopt EMRs. Medical scribes help solve this situation by providing efficient assistance to doctors in managing their EMR documentation and related tasks in a reliable manner.