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The Role Played by Speech Recognition in medical Transcription Service

There are two major modern approaches in medical transcription process, namely, Front-end Speech Recognition Dictation and Back-end Speech Recognition Dictation- Here’s an analysis of the two

Basics of Speech Recognition Technology
Speech recognition software has revolutionized the medical transcription process. Promising better data and improved accuracy, speech recognition ensures enhanced clinical documentation. Doing away with the possible errors that crop up because of boredom and fatigue in traditional transcription process, this breaks the monotony of the entire transcription process.
Typists are transformed into editors with the speech recognition program by engaging them in challenging investigative tasks rather than working on the otherwise monotonous labor. This leads to meaningful use and better overall accuracy of data. Physicians are just needed to be in their comfort zones by dictating through their preferred more of dictation.
Features of Speech Recognition Technology

  • Quick TAT is made possible
  • Editing & Proofing are enabled
  • Translation of physician dictations into structured document on real-time
  • Meaningful clinical document can be used by systems and people

Front-end Speech Recognition Dictation
This happens to be a time-consuming task that involves participation of the dictator in correcting misrecognized phrases or words. The software sometimes fails to dictate the words properly, making it necessary for dictators to take up correcting misrecognitions.
Data is transcribed by trained and expert transcriptionist and it gets edited by a different professional editor. Hence, records are expected to be accurate and precise. Sometimes, poor documentation is caused by errors being left due to oversight. This may lead to inferior patient care, poor coding, and reimbursement.

Backend Speech Recognition Dictation
Multiple patient information may be dictated and recorded in one go by using this. Dictators can achieve this without eye contact with the computer and without having to spend time on correcting data.
In this, the dictator requires skill for editing and special skills to ensure that data is accurate and up to the desired standard. Back-end Speech Recognition System is far better and more accurate than the Front-end system. Better patient care and coding lead to improved reimbursement as well.

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