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Tag: Medical Transcription Services

Several legal needs and increased patient expectations have contributed to the demand for improved and comprehensive medical transcription services in the recent times. The advent of technology has added fuel to the increasing demand for accuracy and reliability of transcripts. Read more…

Ensuring confidentiality of patient information, HIPAA gains importance in the modern health care environment. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has established identifiable policies regarding utilization and exposure of health details of individual patients. Fundamental Points Read more…

It is essential to ensure that entering data in the electronic medical record (EMR) system does not disrupt the work flow of physicians – this is the way of encouraging them to adopt EMRs. EMR implementation must not cause work Read more…

Dealing with the diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical conditions related to the joints, bones, muscles, and other internal body organs such as lungs, kidneys, and brain, Rheumatology is a specialty that requires focused attention on a variety of diseases. Read more…

There are two major modern approaches in medical transcription process, namely, Front-end Speech Recognition Dictation and Back-end Speech Recognition Dictation- Here’s an analysis of the two Basics of Speech Recognition Technology Speech recognition software has revolutionized the medical transcription process. Read more…

Converting audio and video information dictated by clients into text format- the transcription process- has been serving varied businesses and different organizations in the modern world. Legal, education, and other organizations explore the possibilities of outsourcing the transcription requirements. The Read more…

Medical Transcription Service is essential to efficient and smooth functioning of medical practices. Medical transcriptionists are the wheels that keep the system on the move! Significance of Medical Transcriptionists Transcription specialists. Medical typists. Being called by different names, these professionals—who Read more…

Expected trend in Global Medical Transcription It is evident that global medical transcription services industry has been growing considerably during the recent past. Studies confirm that global market is about to grow by billions in the foreseeable future. Having attained Read more…