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Improve Practice Work Flow with Integrated Dictation in EMRs

It is essential to ensure that entering data in the electronic medical record (EMR) system does not disrupt the work flow of physicians – this is the way of encouraging them to adopt EMRs. EMR implementation must not cause work flow disruptions in practices.

Integrated Dictation Process

EMRs having integrated dictation capabilities help in avoiding disruptions and reduce detractions, thus enabling physicians to deliver the best care quality possible. In the past, physicians used to record their patients’ medical reports in voice files that could be transcribed later. Now, with the innovative integrated dictation capabilities, they can directly add essential notes to the EMR system using just voice commands even during their meeting with their patients.

This enables typing of notes directly into the medical record as they are spoken in real time, in contrast to doing the process hours after meeting the patient. Such ease of adding notes directly consistent with the work flow of the physician fosters improved adoption while also improving the efficiency of the practice.

Advantages of Integrate Dictation

Adopting an EMR having HIPAA-compliant dictation capabilities will help medical practices to save effort and money in several ways. Integrated dictation considerably reduces the money and time needed by practices for manually transcribing and entering the data into patients’ records. This ensures that productivity doesn’t reduce and clinicians can maintain their work flow. This facilitates preserving their earning power.

Integrated dictation—when used in combination with cloud-based solution—assists providers who keep moving – either from bed to bed during hospital rounds or moving from one practice to another. Physicians can leverage cloud-based solution for dictating and updating their EMRs in real time.

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