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Conducting Medication Error Cases Successfully Using Concise Reports

Legal professionals in the modern world are thronged with clients who have suffered injuries or side effects caused by medication errors. Having to probe through large volumes of medication details and medical records is not an easy job for legal professionals. But then for identifying whether or not the care provider and staff are liable for administering wrong dosage or wrong medication, they need to undergo this ordeal.

Significance of Medication error Reporting
It is essential to evaluate the errors occurring due to medicines. Voluntary reporting is the effective way of collecting data regarding medication errors. This may not produce the expected outcome. But for ensuring the safety of patients and for assisting legal professionals in medical-legal cases, medication errors reporting is crucial.

Medication Reports That Assist Attorneys
Medical Record Review Service providers can create different types of medication reports that help attorneys in conducting their cases efficiently, according to client specifications. Medication administration details can be provided in different types of reports.

Different Ways of Preparing Medication Reports to Facilitate Easy Reference to Attorneys
 Medication Spreadsheets
o These spreadsheets Present details such as provider name, dosage and route of administration of medicine for a given period, and infusion time. Orders will be chronologically recorded and details of omitted and delayed dosages will also be specified.
 Timeline Charts
o Presented in a graphical form, these include orders of medication and their administration over a time period. Critical case events are helpful to the malpractice attorney in identifying deviations. They do not have to refer each and every medical record for this purpose.
 Bar Graph
o Depicting the quantity of medication that has been administered for a given period of time, this report helps attorneys to locate where there were differences in dosage and gaps of time

Exclusive Advantages of Medication Reports
Facilitating attorneys to effortlessly review the medication administered, medication reports provide the answers to almost all the questions a medical malpractice attorney might have. The following are a few of the critical details presented in this report:
 When was the medicine administered?
 Who administered it?
 What was the dosage of the medicine?
 What was the route of administration of the medication?
 Was the medication withheld? If so, why and when?

Drug Administration Errors
It is the responsibility of registered nurses to administer any medicines in the required dosage. They are supposed to be liable for errors, if any. Increasing demand for nurses render them more prone to errors. Lack of focus and erratic working hours take their toll on their competence. Moreover, stress and complacency are also considered causes that lead to mistakes.

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