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Medical Review

Medical Records Review process aims at measuring and evaluating the documentation of medical records and also the quality and timeliness of medical service provided to patients. Medical record review, the crucial process that measures clinical care through review of medical records helps compare the care quality with measurable criteria.

Rapid Care provides medical record review, medical data management, and medical reporting services.  We use a service model that integrates record review outsourcing expertise and attentive management that yield efficiency and cost savings. You get access to dedicated high caliber qualified staff who are capable of managing all the processes through the life cycle of the project.

Services Offered

Our Services span multiple disciplines including but not limited to the following:

  • Medical record summarization
  • Sorting & indexing
  • Medical chronology production
  • Workers compensation
  • Request authorization
  • Medical record retrieval
  • Case report preparation
  • Medical data abstraction
  • Medical data management

Clients can leverage our massive production capability to rapidly organize, categorize and sort multifarious documents into various categories as well as perform a review on them customized to needs. All reports are carefully constructed after the review and determination comply with state specific guidelines.

Contractually ethical, Open and available, Transparent in actions, Customer focused, Involved and Accountable.

Benefits & Features of our Services

  • A single-source solution with staff, facilities, and secure environment.
  • Daily metrics to monitor productivity and efficiency throughout the review
  • Specialized medical, technical, legal and foreign language skills as required
  • Experienced and skilled Physician Advisory team

Staffing for small and large scale, and complex reviews