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Rapid MedReview assists your IME, Peer review, Radiological review, and DME billing review requests by providing you with a report structured to your template, proper report start and finish paragraphs, a chronological comprehensive listing of medical records reviewed for the request, a precise medical history, and conclusion supported by researched reference materials. The entire process is micro managed to provide you with the fastest and accurate product.

As you face more and more financial challenges and are forced to reduce headcount across the enterprise, you are at the same time under pressure to improve performance.

Leverage help for all your highly resource-intensive tasks knowing you require immense investment in technology to get them done efficiently and effectively

By outsourcing all or portions of these business processes to the Rapid Care Group, you can reduce costs, and improve performance at the same time. Rapid Care’s client-centered philosophy ensures a commitment to extraordinary service.

Rapid Care Medical Review works off-site to offer services that improve and streamline your processes. As experts in BPO and KPO, Rapid Care has invested in people, processes, and technology to provide you with a proactive and superior level of service, and guarantee performance on all work assigned to us.

Imagine the possibilities we offer our clients to leverage abundant resources, individualized services, and flexibility. This offers clients cost-effective, value-added BPO and KPO solutions from a single source.

Partner with us on your claims management programs. Our goals here are to help move files quickly and cost-effectively. We help confirm that treatment is necessary, proper and beneficial and our approach helps you to slash unnecessary expenses, save time by fully understanding what you expect from us and provide you superior service always.