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Case Studies

Transcription Solution to Radiologists from Australia

Client: A team of Australia-based radiologists approached Rapid Care for outsourcing their transcription process. Looking for manually performed transcription, they wanted customized TAT as well.

Client Requirement: They were seeking efficient and reliable partners for processing the crucial health reports of their patients on a regular basis. They wanted the transcription process to be performed manually, checked for quality on a stringent basis, and the finished files to be delivered to them in their preferred format.

What did the Job Demand?

To execute the proposed project, the Rapid Care team had to face certain challenges:

  • Having been accustomed to clients from the USA and the UK, our team was initially apprehensive
  • It took some time to discern the client’s needs as well as accent
  • Several processes needed to be streamlined to deliver an efficient and inexpensive solution

Solution Provided: Dedicated and relentless efforts from our professional transcriptionists helped provide the client with the most optimal solution that was beyond their expectation and greatly satisfied them. Our team worked in accordance with Australian time zone for meeting the deadline which it did conveniently.

Result: Unrelenting and coordinated efforts from our team proved fruitful; we delivered accurate transcripts regularly to the client since the time the project was started. Client was delighted with the service and the quality.