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Medical Chronologies

Services for Insurance, Healthcare Plans, Hospitals, Life Care Planners, Medical-Legal Examiners, Plaintiff / Defense Counsel, Utilization Review Companies, MSAs’, and Medical Record Retrieval Companies

  • Customized Record Sorting,
  • Customized Medical Chronology,
  • Comprehensive Medical Record Summary
  • 24-hour Medical chart analysis and snippets
  • Transcription of documents, images, video, audio
  • Transcription into EMR and daily updates
  • Hyperlinking summary to source document for easy reference
  • Explaining medical terms in layman language
  • Life Care Planners
  • Comprehensive review of all available pertinent records
  • Plaintiff and Defense Counsel
  • Record sorting, chronology, summary, glossary, hyperlinking
  • Medical – Legal Examiners
  • Physician Services Administrative Support
  • Engaging Rapid Care’s medical record review services assures production of consistent, accurate, reliable, and validated reports to time and budget.
  • Report Production and Compilation
  • Comprehensive Record Review
  • IME/QME/DDE Transcription
  • Document & Data Management
  • Electronic Record Archive
  • Usage of Medical Record Review services
  • A medical record review is requested in variety of situations and by different organizations including, but not limited to below mentioned services.

What kinds of services are provided through Medical Record Review?

  • Full knowledge of all salient medical facts of the case
  • E-sorting of all records by user defined category for complete and easy to access reference
  • Data abstraction and data extraction
  • Hyperlinking to source
  • Specialty Medical Record Services
  • Comprehensive medical record summary
  • Chronologies by ascending or descending order
  • Chronology can also be by user-defined formats such as chronology by Practice, by Physician notes, etc.