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RCM’s Software

Technology Features & Benefits:

  • Faster Collection & Improved Cash Flow
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Remote Anytime Anywhere Access
  • w/Real-Time Monitoring
  • Integrated Patient Scheduling

Rapid Care Technology Features & Benefits

  • RCM’s Reimbursement Manager
  • Insures HIPAA compliance
  • Simplifies the claims submission process.
  • Reduces paper work with online claims submission and record keeping
  • Automatic built-in on-line Patient “Eligibility” Checker
  • Removes other costly and time-consuming administrative compliance chores like backing up your data
  • Seamlessly tracks patient and claims information with 18+ real-time ”customizable” reports to control your business better
  • Streamlines data transfer to all payers
  • Has built-in calendar and appointment scheduler for medical offices
  • Eases claims management system set-up and operation

Your Benefit

  • Spend less time and resources processing claims
  • Generate higher profits through lower administration and postage costs
  • Improve efficiency by reducing administrative errors and re-work and increasing transaction accuracy
  • Submit accurate claims, which result in: Higher claims acceptance & Faster reimbursement
  • Improved cash flow
  • Obtain peace of mind that comes with knowing your practice is HIPAA compliant
  • Gain the security of working with Certified Reimbursement Professionals

Reimbursement Manager – An “ASP”

  • Software and Servers reside at secure multiple layer AT&T Data Center
  • Affordable with no expensive upfront outlay
  • Minimal software installation required
  • Automatic free software and medical code updates
  • No software maintenance and associated costs
  • 24 x 7 data protection
  • Access to software from remote locations
  • 97%+ uptime guarantee by AT&T
  • Redundant physical environment
  • Hierarchical employee password access

Are You HIPAA Compliant? RCM’s Reimbursement Manager Is!

  • Medical Billing AT&T data center has all certified HIPAA compliant standards
  • Medical Billing Automatic tape backup with offsite storage
  • Medical Billing Physical environment consists of fire detection, digital identification security, closed circuit television surveillance, air conditioning, and humidity control and built to withstand natural disasters.
  • Medical Billing: The Reimbursement Manager is a Complete HIPAA Solution – The only one!