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Sorting & Categorizing


Unearthing crucial information in a relevant way from among voluminous medical records is vital for conducting cases that involve workmen’s compensation, mass torts and class suits, and other medico-legal litigations. While law firms and legal professionals are not trained to gather and create a presentable case summary out of a score of medical data that is scattered in different forms, professional medical record reviewers can assist them in organizing the essential medical records in the perfect way that renders leading the cases smoothly.

Rapid Care makes use of modern technology and years of experience to the benefit of clients for sorting and categorizing various medical records that originate from multiple sources and exist in different forms. We ensure that the case-related medical records are sorted and categorized in an accurate manner and arranged in easily understandable form.

Our team of medical record review professionals indexes, paginates, and time stamps the documents and arranges them by provider, facility, date, and type of document. Customized fields are also possible with our service.