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Indexing & Pagination

Rapid Care complements the work processes of law firms and other legal entities by offering dynamic and innovative medical records indexing collation, and pagination services.

Having been equipped with a legally and medically qualified and educated team of professionals, we are capable of efficiently managing the unique needs of clients related to clinical negligence, personal injury, and other medico-legal litigation.

The Process of Indexing & Pagination

The professionally sorted medical records are paginated maintaining standard legal requirements. Page numbers are referenced in the index. Summarizing functions employed help in embedding Hyperlinks. Once the medical record sorting and paginating processes are over, index is created. Indexes and bookmarks prove easy-to-locate and economical.

Our Service Covers

  • GP Records
  • Clinical Medical / nursing records
  • Theater medical records
  • Physiotherapy records
  • Charts
  • Laboratory/ Radiology Reports
  • Assessments
  • Rehabilitation records
  • Miscellaneous records

Exclusive Benefits of Availing Our Services

  • Fast and reliable service
  • Saving in time and efforts
  • Data confidentiality and security
  • Trained and skilled team of medical record reviewers

Rapid Care has been providing accurate and efficient medical record indexing and pagination solutions to legal professionals, law firms, insurance companies, and other entities associated with medico-legal litigation. Our experience in serving a wide range of clientele has enabled us to acquire the skill required for satisfying clients in any task that we are assigned.