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Cardio -Thoracic Coding


    • Procurement of a venous graft is integral to the performance of a coronary artery bypass using venous bypasses. CPT codes 37700-37735 (ligation of saphenous veins) are not to be separately reported in addition to CPT codes 33510-33523 (coronary artery bypass).
    • When a coronary artery bypass is performed, the more comprehensive code describing the procedure performed should be used. When venous grafting only is performed, only one code in the group of the coronary artery bypass CPT codes 33510-33516 (venous graft only) can be reported; no other bypass codes should be reported with these codes. One code in the group of CPT codes 33517-33523 (combined arterial-venous grafting) and one code in the group of CPT codes 33533-33536 (arterial grafting) can be reported together to accurately describe combined arterial-venous bypass. When only arterial grafting is performed, only one code in the group of CPT codes 33533-33536 (arterial grafting) is coded.
    • During venous or combined arterial venous coronary artery bypass grafting procedures (CPT codes 33510-33523), it is occasionally necessary to perform epi-aortic ultrasound. This procedure may be reported with CPT code 76998 (ultrasonic guidance, intraoperative) appending modifier -59. CPT code 76998 should not be reported for ultrasound guidance utilized to procure the vascular graft.
    • When a median sternotomy is performed to accomplish cardiothoracic procedures, the repair of the sternal incision is part of the primary procedure. The CPT codes 21820-21825 (treatment of sternum fracture) are not separately reported nor should the removal of embedded wires be reported if a repeat procedure or return to the operating room (e.g., postoperative hemorrhage on the day of surgery) is necessary.
    • CPT codes 35800-35860 are to be used when a return to the operating room is necessary for exploration of postoperative hemorrhage; accordingly, these codes are not to be coded for bleeding that occurs during the initial operative session. Generally, when these codes are used, they are to be reported with modifier -78 indicating that the service represents a return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period.