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Content & Data Management

Content & Data Management

Our content & data management services include:

Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
Electronic data interchange (EDI) service provided by Rapid Care is tailored for meeting the specific business needs of clients. We ensure a communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via digital means. We assist business organizations in exchanging information smoothly in the globally acceptable standards.
Data Mining
Mining and capturing information within various printed and scanned material and websites and presenting in electronic and structured format for various analysis. The work includes reading and analyzing and creating reports or outcomes from digested information. It is our endeavor to transfer clients’ data into actionable insight and beneficial information.
Artificial Intelligence – E-Discovery
We provide artificial intelligence and e-discovery services that involve simulation of human intelligence processes conducted through machines, normally computer systems. We leverage the power of AI-based computing for automatically processing, transforming, and analyzing the unstructured data for clients seamlessly. Helping clients to efficiently conduct their discovery is our specialty.
Data Cleansing
Format financial statements to get clear information about the cash in & out from meta data. Cleansing the electronic copy by eliminating unwanted pages and retain the required type of pages to validate and consolidate. We provide solutions that help detect and correct the inaccurate or corrupt records from your record set or database. We help identify the incorrect, irrelevant, and incomplete records as well as modify or delete unwanted data.