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Dynamic ERP/CRM

360-Degree focus & Perfect Methodology: Rapid Care ERP Services

Rapid Care enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions services assist you with the implementation of your company’s business solutions efficiently for managing your back-office business processes such as finance, production, purchasing, inventory, trade, logistics, and distribution. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Face Changes and Meet Challenges Efficiently with Rapid Care’s effective ERP Services

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) services also help businesses to better manage their raw materials, inventory, warehouse, and order processing – resulting in lower costs, faster production times, and an increased ability to respond to the competition and trends within an industry.

Looking for Smart ERP Solutions for your Great business?

We assure that our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions services deliver real-time consolidated reporting of critical financial statistics and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Greater financial transparency leads to making better decisions about investments as well as attracting capital more easily. You’ll also find that sales and operations reporting assist better sales planning and control of your accounts receivables.

Great Business results Propelled by Prudent ERP Solutions from Rapid Care

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions services are designed to streamline the management of your company’s manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology, and business performance. With us, you’ll get easy access to time-sensitive information that will help you better plan for your future as you meet daily manufacturing targets.

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions services offer the following solution suites:

 Customer management
 Manufacturing Supply chain
 Service and support
 Enterprise asset management
 Exchange of Analytics

The said potent combination of front-end and back-end focus means you get to enjoy a unique and specialized solution that allows you to deliver real-time information to everyone within your extended enterprise – no matter what your needs and wants may be.

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CRM Services

Want to keep track of customers on all elements of business?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a company-wide business strategy performed all over the company. It is designed and meant for both reducing costs and increasing profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. By bringing together information from a wide range of sources both within and without a company, CRM allows a company’s employees to face customers and make quick and informed decisions on everything from cross- and up-selling to target marketing to competitive positioning. Customer relationship management (CRM) services offered by Rapid Care help you with all these!

Inspire Customers with Your Service Capability & Relationship

Rapid Care’s Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are here to help increase your company’s revenue and clients’ satisfaction at the same time, through integrated marketing, sales, and service approach. We understand that every interaction with customer offers multiple opportunities to improve business, and we take full advantage of that.

CRM Process that Drives Customer acquisition and retention

Whether it’s sales, service, or marketing, our customer relationship management (CRM) services assist your company in maximizing the effectiveness of every customer interaction, so that you can retain your customers. Customers are a business’ most valuable assets – and only the best companies stay focused on that.

How to earn customer loyalty and stay agile?

Rapid Care customer relationship management (CRM) services help you to address your company’s short-term imperatives as well as long-term ones. Reduce costs and increase your decision-making ability, while at the same time achieve differentiated capabilities for competing effectively.

Rapid Care customer relationship management (CRM) services take care of all of the following:

 Customer support

From automation to customization, from integration to collaboration, Rapid Care helps your business grow.

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