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Anesthesiology Medical Transcription

Transcription Services made simple and meticulous – Rapid Care has been Offering the most Reliable and unambiguous Anesthesiology Transcription Solutions since last two decades!

Significance of Anesthesiology Transcription Services

It being an integral part of surgical procedures, Anesthesiology plays a vital role in the field of medicine. One of the few branches in medicine that while not by itself is a standalone field, anesthesiology happens to be involved with several multi-specialty treatment processes, management of pain, and after care follow-up procedures.

Since it is connected with a wide spectrum of crucial health care activities, the particular professionals dealing in anesthesiology, anesthesiologists, are responsible for handling huge chunk of critical medical information about patients. With high risk of losing or misreading vital data that may directly and severely affect patient safety and care quality, documentation of records related to anesthesiology gains priority over several factors in the medical industry.

Service offered by Rapid Care Transcriptions Pvt Ltd

  • EMR/EHR interface
  • Secure and protected data transfer
  • Client-specific dictation modes
  • Strict quality assurance processes
  • Precision of over 99%
  • Quick TAT

What makes Rapid Care Special?

We have been equipped with a totally dependable team of transcription experts who are well-versed in not only medical terminology and anatomy but also language proficiency and medical data documentation process. Fully understanding the fact that the scope of anesthesiologists extends beyond the operating room, we take care to cater to their varied needs and provide comprehensive support throughout the period of patients’ recuperation.

Benefits of our Services

  • Each transcription task handled by case-specific personnel
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Customized tools and technology
  • Toll-free number for dictation
  • Free trial for appraisal

The continuous observation over patients begins the moment they are administered anesthesia – necessitating anesthesiologists to start and continuously keep vigil. Rapid Care offers complete support to them in meticulously documenting the sensitive and critical medical information of patients and enabling them to focus on their crucial responsibilities.

You are welcome to contact us for all your anesthesiology-related transcription requirements.