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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ensures that medical records of individuals, including doctors’ notes, must be accessible by patients. With the modern Electronic Health Records System, sharing doctors’ notes has become easy. However, doctors require assistance in documenting their notes about their patients, necessitating the services of skilled medical transcriptionists.

Doctor Note Transcription Solutions from Rapid Care

Doctor Note transcription services offered by Rapid Care facilitate physicians practicing at all types of medical practices in transcribing their patient charts accurately. Most of the clinicians in the modern world are busy with hectic activity; they aim at meeting more number of patients. Clinical documentation is vital but it is not the primary function of physicians. Here’s where efficient medical transcription companies come to the help of practices and physicians.

At Rapid Care, we have separate professionals for handling the specific transcription needs of doctors belonging to varied medical specialties. Health care providers just need to record their dictation; we take care of transcribing their reports and records in the most accurate and reliable manner.

Features of Our Services

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Transcriptionists having knowledge in medical terminology related to all specialties
  • Language experts
  • Multi-level quality checks

Having been trained to manage the different accents of medical professionals from different parts of the world, our qualified medical transcriptionists can smoothly get your audio files transcribed. The stringent quality audits we have in place ensure that the transcripts are of the highest quality and are reliable.

We employ the most modern technology and assure total data security and confidentiality. Our team of professional medical transcriptionists can effortlessly acquaint themselves with the client’s way of speech, accent, notation, and abbreviations usage.

If you are looking for HIPAA compliant and accurate doctor note transcription solutions, you may approach us. Visit our website www.rapidcare.net for more details.