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Family Medicine Transcription

If you are looking for Precise & Perfect Transcripts to assist your practice, here’s the ideal solution!

Comprehensive & Meticulous Family Medicine Transcription Service at Affordable Price

The custom of patients visiting a family physician for all their health care needs such as routine check-up, diagnosis, immunization, and screening has been in practice since very long. Laden with multiple tasks and the responsibility of managing all members of families, family practice specialists have their hands almost always full with work. This necessitates them to partner with service providers who are capable of offering effective and dependable transcripts for maintaining their patients’ health care reports.

Why Rapid Care?

Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd has been providing totally dependable and accurate medical transcription service to clients across the globe since more than a decade. Our team of trained medical transcriptionists is skilled in medical terminology and experienced in delivering relevant transcripts. Apart from standard TAT, we operate at customized TAT to cater to the needs of clients.

What we do?

At Rapid Care, we offer a wide range of documentation services to physicians dealing in family medicine, out of which a few have been listed below:

  • Immunization & Allergy Reports
  • Physical Examination Reports
  • Comprehensive Follow-up visits Reports
  • Accidental Injury Reports
  • Diabetes Management Reports
  • Pediatric Reports

Our endeavor is to minimize the family physicians’ efforts while improving their productivity and efficiency. If you are practicing in traditional medicine managing the health of families, and feel the need for effective transcription service, you can visit our website or contact us through Email or phone.