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Psychology Transcription

Rapid care offers totally reliable and accurate Transcription solutions to Psychology and Neuropsychology reports documentation. Our team is familiar with the terms used in this specialization that diagnoses, treats, and researches human behavior.

Psychology transcripts are needed in clinical, counseling, and many therapeutic treatments. Psychology being a sensitive specialty in medical profession that manages the mental health and treats mental disorders and conditions, the reports generated by specialists in this field are to be handled with considerable care and privacy. Moreover, specialists require trustworthy transcripts that portray various factors such as evaluation reports of mental status, assessment reports of depressive disorders, and neurobehavioral examination reports. All these necessitate superior transcription solution that best conveys the information as required by specialists.

Rapid Care Psychology Transcription Services cover the following areas: 

  • Private practices and Hospitals
  • Agencies dealing in mental health
  • Institutes specializing in Mental Health Care
  • Clinics dealing in substance abuse
  • Prisons & Courts

Our Services include the following Mental Health-related reports:

  • Reports & Medical Notes
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Lectures & Symposiums on mental health
  • Consultation Summaries
  • Interviews & Meetings

Benefits of availing Rapid Care Psychology Transcription Services

  • Authentic Transcripts
  • Complete Data Security & Privacy
  • Improved workflow of documents
  • Commitment to moral obligations and confidentiality
  • HIPAA Compliance

For accurate and reliable Psychology Transcription Solutions, you are welcome to call us at 888-354-6417.