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Common Medical Billing Errors That Need to be Avoided

Being one of the important components of the modern medical industry, medical coding and billing prove to be crucial. With a major portion of health care expenses being taken care of by health insurance, there is a huge demand for accurate and reliable medical coding and billing process. As payment for medical services provided is directly influenced by this process, health care facilities and medical practitioners cannot afford errors in it.

Significance of Accuracy in Medical Coding and Billing

With the continuous evolution of the health care industry, there have been regular updates and changes in the medical standards and legal requirements. In order to meet these regular changes, health care providers are expected to keep themselves and their staff to be up-to-date and adoptive to the most modern regulations.

Moreover, with changes come errors and miscommunications. All these lead to medical practices delegating their medical coding and billing tasks to reliable third-party medical billing companies that have all the required capabilities. Trained and regularly updated, these professional medical billing companies are better equipped to achieve maximum possible accuracy in billing and coding processes.

Impact of Inaccurate Billing on Patients

Errors in medical billing lead to patients being put under hardship. This in turn enrages them. Errors may impact patients in several ways, such as having to face financial trouble, having to spend precious time on phone for explaining things, or being pushed to pay for services that actually were not provided. Apart from causing unwanted issues, medical billing errors result in patient dissatisfaction that doesn’t go well for the medical practice at all.

Common Errors That Best be Avoided

  • Careless use of balance billing
  • Failure to verify insurance coverage
  • Duplicate billing
  • Entering wrong data
  • Undercoding / upcoding
  • Treatment and diagnosis code mismatch
  • Unbundling services
  • Not justifying medical necessity

Prevention of Medical Billing Errors

Cautiously checking patient information, verifying that diagnosis and treatment codes are matching, and conducting proper insurance verification are a few of the key steps required for avoiding billing errors.

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